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We can install a system called Flood Control. It is a backflow system that prevents rain and city water from flooding your home or business. We custom-fit every flood control to fit the needs of each home. Having water flood your home is the last thing anyone wants to see during a storm. Flood controls offer peace of mind to people who struggle with water coming back into their home. Our flawless systems help people sleep peacefully knowing their basement & homes will be dry in the morning. Here is a list of flood control options we offer;

  • Lift Station
  • Front Yard Basin Style Flood Control
  • Backwater Valve or Clean Check Flood Control System

Lift Station

In a lift station, a pump basin collects all the waste water from the house or building regardless of whether it rains. A pump positioned in the basin discharges the water into the gravity sewer line toward the municipal sewer main. The disadvantage of the system is that you have to rely on the pump all the time 24/7, and if the pump fails for any reason the home may get flooded.

If the system is used in the right situation, it can be a very good form of flood control protection. Each system is used and recommended based on your individual situation & circumstances. At Permidt Engineering LTD., we can help you determine which flood control system is best for you.

Front Yard Basin Style Flood Control

It sometimes can seem impossible to prevent your home from floodwaters when the yard surrounding it is also submerged in water. This is where a professionally installed yard drainage system comes in. Also referred to as French drains or drain trenches, these systems are installed in the lowest spot of your yard, and serve as a drainage pipe through which the water from your backyard can drain toward the street and into the storm drain.  It is important to have the yard drainage system installed on your property according to local government codes. It must be designed so that water drainage does not cause problems somewhere else once it is exhumed from your yard.


BackWater Valve Flood Control System

The BackWater Valve Flood Control System is a one way valve that is installed on a house sewer to prevent the public/private sewer system from backing up and flooding a house.

It is installed on the section of the house sewer line between the house and the city or village sewer main, in the majority of the cases it is approximately 10 to15 feet away from the front wall of the house, in the front yard.

A backwater valve has an internal mechanical disc that will close a sewer pipe opening when reverse surcharges from a public/private sewer system attempt to enter into a house drainage system, preventing the flooding of a house with raw sewage.

Flood Prevention Rebate Programs


For more information on flood Control systems, then contact Permidt Engineering LTD.

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