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As a homeowner, you rely heavily on your waterline & sewer line, even if you don’t realize it. However, the moment there is a problem with either of those, that becomes a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Water line repair & sewer line repair is not a small task that can be trusted with just any plumber. It takes a professional, licensed & experienced plumbing company to handle the job.  At Permidt Engineering LTD, we have been handling all types of sewer & water line projects since 1957.

Sewer Repair Experts in Franklin Park, IL.

When your sewer line starts to crack, the last thing you want is to have to replace your entire sewer system. At Permidt Engineering LTD, we offer quality sewer repair services for homes and businesses in the near west suburbs of Chicago. Whether you have a sewer emergency or a small clog deep in your sewer line, we have the experience of providing reliable sewer repair for your safety and peace of mind. Give us a call today to schedule a sewer repair, or if it can’t wait, we offer emergency services to keep your property secure.

Sewer Replacement & Installation Experts

It is not often that homeowners or businesses are having to replace their sewer lines. Most sewer lines are built to last over 50+ years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean these occurrences don’t happen & when they do, you will want to work with the best sewer replacement & installation experts in the near west suburbs of Chicago.  If you own a home or business, you know that keeping your sewer line maintained is important to keep your property running efficiently. Even with regular sewer maintenance, eventually, your sewer line will not be able to withstand repairs and must be replaced. At Permidt Engineering LTD, we have been replacing & installing sewers since 1957. We have the experience to provide minimally invasive sewer line installation services. If your sewer lines need to be replaced, give us a call to schedule an initial consultation.

Sewer Maintenance - Protect From Expensive Repairs

If you're getting ready to buy a home or have been experiencing persistent drain issues, Permidt Engineering LTD highly recommends that you have a lateral sewer inspection & maintenance service. We see problems following home purchases all the time, and an inspection can save you thousands of dollars on inevitable repairs. For a small fee, we will come to your property, conduct a thorough inspection, and give you a written or video report of what we find. Don’t wait until you are left with a broken sewer pipe & water damage. Reach out to Permidt Engineering LTD today to learn more about our sewer maintenance services.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Permidt Engineering LTD has experience & expertise in collecting and disposing of the waste that builds up in a car wash basin. We proudly provide catch basin cleaning to the Chicagoland area.  Catch basins, also known as storm drains or curb inlets, are openings for storm drain systems that catch debris and sediments through a grate or sump. Getting trash, sticks from trees and whatever might be floating down the street in a drainage system is not good. That is where catch basins come in, they stop larger sediment from entering the main system, and instead let it settle in the basin’s sump area.  For proper drainage, catch basins need to be emptied regularly, just like a HVAC filter.  When you drive through a flooded street, usually the problem is a full catch basin.  We recommend you clean your catch basins at least once yearly. Of course, areas with above-average debris accumulation might need more frequent cleaning.

Permidt Engineering LTD has been the number #1 choice in Franklin Park for sewer services since 1957. Our team of certified plumbers has the experience & knowledge to fix your sewer or water lines, no matter how big or small.  Contact us today!

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